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Babanet Channel DX

portable air purifier

portable air purifier

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More compact than a 500ml PET bottle but powerful!
Moreover, it is a stylish air purifier that can be carried and used anywhere as it is cordless and rechargeable.
It can be used anywhere without worrying about the power supply in places where the air environment is a concern.

It can be used not only in offices and bedrooms, but also in hotels at travel destinations, in cars on the move, and anywhere in your personal space to create a powerful air environment.

[Product specifications]
■Size: width 7.5✖ depth 7.0✖ height 18.0cm
■ Weight: 420g
■Materials: Resin, etc. ■Battery specifications: Lithium-ion battery (2600mAh)
■Other specifications: USB rechargeable Continuous use time about 5 hours ■Planned in America Made in China ■Set contents: USB cable

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